Go Fish!


How often do you go fishing? Never? Occasionally? Often? And which answer also matches how often you should eat fish? That’s right, it’s “often”! Most health organisations recommend at least 2 portions of fish a week, although there are different recommendations for pregnant/breastfeeding women and children. Fish and shellfish provide [...]

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I should coco!


The holiday season might be upon us but it does not mean we need to slide down the slippery slope of having a cocktail after a long day on the beach. So look beyond the Pina Colada and find a fruit that is fantastically nutritious, and very versatile? Look no [...]

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Anyone for Tennis?


Summer brings us the unforgettable sounds of Wimbledon , with aces served up on Centre Court, and strawberries served left, right and centre. The sweet smell of strawberries always brings to mind the sun, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of the most popular flavours – not only in fruit [...]

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Pasta la vista baby


The immortal words of The Terminator, aka Arnie Schwarzenegger, mean “see you next time”. But does there have to be a next time when it comes to eating pasta or, more specifically, gluten? Being wheat free is not the same as being gluten free, so you need to work out [...]

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The flamingo has it right


We often talk about being “in the pink” as an acknowledgement that we are looking healthy and full of vitality.  So what has a flamingo got to do with us being healthy? It is the flamingo’s diet rich in carotenoids that makes them pink.  Carotenoids are a member of the [...]

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The January blues


It's all a matter of perspective - Sometimes it is ok to have the blues in January. Particularly if they are of the berry variety.   Oh no I hear you say that is going to cost me a fortune! And I haven't paid off Christmas yet..... Well, Disney might [...]

The January blues2019-12-16T21:22:47+01:00
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