Nutritional Health – Continuing Professional Development

As a nutritionist, I believe that continuous professional development is key to providing the very best nutritional therapy advice for my clients. It is also a requirement of my professional body BANT. I regularly attend nutritional health lectures and courses by some of the most recognised experts in the field of nutritional therapy. This list is a few of the nutritional health courses recently attended.

PCN Retaining Your Vitality Peter Cox
Cytoplan Gut Health Dr Rangan Chatterjee
Cytoplan Diabetes & Insulin Resistance Dr David Morris
Solgar Small Intestinal Overgrowth (SIBO)
CAM Meeting the Microbiome
CAM The Human Gut Microbiome & its Association with Obesity Professor Tim Spector
CAM Metabolic Endotoxemia Ben Brown
CAM How Nutrition Influences the Gut Microbiome Dr Alessio Fasano
CAM Cell Symbiosis Therapy Gillian Crowther
CAM Investigating Auto Immune Disease Robyn Puglia
CAM Working with the Microbiome Michael Ash
CAM Gluten Exposure & Sensitivity Dr Tom O’Bryan
Seeking Health Methylation Ben Lynch
CAM Energy Beyond ATP
CAM The Human Body Field Henry Massey
CAM Energy Beyond ATP Dr Damien Downing
CAM Biochemistry to Quantum Chemistry Dr Jim Oscham
Robyn Puglia Methylation & DNA Testing Robyn Puglia
BCU Blood Chemistry Dr Dicken Weatherby
Nutrigold Andropause Sally Duffin
Seeking Health Methylation Ben Lynch
Nutrigold Supporting IBS Dr Elisabeth Phillipps
ION Low FODMap Diet Christine Bailey
Robyn Puglia Methylation & DNA Testing Robyn Puglia


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