Fiona Stephen Nutrition – Testimonials

Here are some of the comments my clients have made about Fiona Stephen Nutrition and the nutritional therapy process.

“I saw Fiona Stephen when I was looking to improve my health and diet.  I had regular sessions with Fiona over approximately one year and always found her extremely knowledgeable, approachable and thorough.  Her recommendations and diet plan certainly worked as I got fitter, healthier and lost weight.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her nutritional expertise.”

Wendy, Enfield

“It has been over a year since I first came to see you and I wanted to thank you for the support you have given me.  I was struggling with knowing what foods to eat and how to feel healthier and leaner and you provided a very simple and proactive approach. Identifying what foods made me feel bloated and lethargic was important. I felt that going gluten and dairy free would be impossible at the beginning but the tips you gave me on how to have healthy quick lunches at work really helped. I really appreciated that you took time out to listen to me and understand my lifestyle and what constraints were present, so that you could provide a really tailor made approach for me.”

Rachel, Hertfordshire
“Just to inform you that my daughters’ migraines have reduced significantly by following your recommendations and she is starting to eat more healthily.  As a result she is now confident to start to apply for full time jobs.”
Susan, Hertfordshire
“I am so glad we consulted Fiona.  Not only does she have a gift for communicating with children, she has revolutionised meal times in our house.  Since consulting Fiona my teenager has stopped eating chocolate and started eating salmon!  My younger son’s optometrist says his eyesight has improved and his teachers say he is concentrating much better in class.”
Katherine, London
“Our 6th Form students really enjoyed the session you ran on healthy eating today.  In their words they found it informative with great content. Thank you.”
Secondary School, North London.
“I have a very hectic and demanding job which involves a lot of socialising.  Fiona has given me a number of practical tips to help me avoid the health pitfalls of my work life.  My energy levels have dramatically improved since taking her advice.”
Sue, Barnet
““Thanks Vicky for organising the talk with Fiona it was very, very interesting and useful, please let’s do it again soon.  I now carry water with me everywhere and I think it’s helping with my headaches.”
Mrs W, Mill Hill
“After 12 years of suffering with digestive problems and several visits to Doctors and Consultants with no relief, Fiona was my last chance.  Within a few weeks the personalised plan she put together was starting to give me relief and within a few months I had almost forgotten what living with IBS felt like.”
Hannah, London
”Mr.  H:     “I didn’t know the benefit of drinking water or the effect of dehydration until yesterday, please ask Fiona back”.  It was easy to understand her and I was able to take everything in, I could have listened to her all day.
Mr H, Mill Hill
”Mrs B:      “That was a very interesting and informative session, Fiona is very good, I am going to recommend her to my son”
Mrs B, North London
“For a few years my daughter, who is now 9 years old, was suffering with tummy pains. They affected her all the time and affected her drinking and eating. We saw the GP many times who put her on to IBS medicine, which we were not happy about. After asking the GP about seeing a nutritionist and being told it was not available on the NHS. we decided to find a nutritionist privately.

We were lucky enough to be recommended Fiona. We have seen her for five months and with her advice and guidance my daughter no longer has tummy pains. She drinks and eats much better and is a much happier girl.

We would like to thank Fiona for all her help and for being so great with my daughter.”

Sally, Hertfordshire
Fiona has generously presented several times at retailTRUST sharing her invaluable knowledge with our team.

These sessions have been informative, enjoyable and enlightening. Fiona’s knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious, as she discusses health and nutrition for hours.

Understanding diet and nutrition is essential today, and with Fiona’s clear and logical approach our teams all took several nuggets away with them, that they are now on a daily basis.

Importance of a healthy breakfast, with some protein, advice on how to avoid the afternoon dip, and how important blood sugar levels are in your diet.

Essential knowledge for an active, healthy, alert, and productive me!”

Dara, Mill Hill

To arrange your initial nutritional therapy consultation, contact Fiona Stephen Nutrition or follow this link to find out more about the nutritional therapy consultation process.