Nutritional Therapy Consultation

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Don’t worry, it’s not all about tofu and beansprouts (unless those are your favourites, of course)!

Nutritional Therapy is all about you. It’s about making sure you’re getting the right nutritional balance for your body’s individual needs, and therefore feel as good as possible. If you’re an athlete, you’ll have completely different needs to a nursing mother, for example, but you both want to feel your best. Age, activity levels and lifestyle are all factors that affect what your body needs to perform at its best.

That’s why I have a questionnaire for all of my clients to complete, before coming to see me. That way, I know about your lifestyle, if there are specific things that you would like to address, and what your concerns are.

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What happens next?

We start with a 90 minute consultation, where we discuss your health, current diet, lifestyle, medical history and your aims. Then I put together a programme detailing specific diet, nutrient and lifestyle changes that are designed to help you achieve your personal health goals.

The programme is tailored to you – so if you’re someone who doesn’t get home until late in the evening, I won’t be suggesting evening meals that take half an hour of preparation time before they can go in the oven. The aim is to give you manageable changes that build up to making a big difference.

Some functional nutrition tests may be recommended as part of the initial consultation.

Is nutritional therapy a long term approach?

I provide follow up sessions as required, to help keep you on the right track, continuing to make improvements and motivated to stick with it. Changes that will benefit your body for the rest of your life are not achieved in a quick fix. We work on the foundations, to help you get the best possible start – one that we can work together to build upon.

None of us are perfect, as much as we may like to be, and any change to your dietary habits needs to be achievable, sustainable and enjoyable, otherwise they won’t last. My goal is to set you up for success, not tell you that all of your favourite foods are off-limits.

I can’t treat or diagnose medical conditions, but good diet has a huge role to play when it comes to your overall health. So, even though conditions such as IBS, diabetes and heart disease should be managed by your GP, Nutritional Therapy is often used alongside medical treatment to help support the body’s needs.

Nutritional Therapy isn’t about yoyo dieting or eating fad foods, it’s about science, support and sustainability. So long term health improvements are not only possible, they’re what we’ll be working on from your very first consultation.

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